The Most Disruptive Business in the World

Imagine you walk into my shop to buy a Coke for R10. When you are at the cash register you give me the R10 and you take your Coke. I then give you the R10 back and say please come again.

Q - Will you buy your Coke from me tomorrow?


Q – Will you buy from my competition ever again?

A – NO
This is exactly what we do at Aetas. We give our clients all their money back immediately on Airtime,Data,Flights,Fast Food etc. to spend again on whatever they want. Best of all is that we make a profit in doing so.

Welcome to the most disruptive business in the world!

With an Aetas Reseller Agency You can give your clients all their money back on the following:

 Airtime and Data

Domestic Flights 

Selected Fast Food,Restaurants and bars


Bus Tickets

Car Rentals 

Buy a reseller agency and earn recurring income for life.

The Aetas idea of giving clients all their money back immediately was conceived in the dreams of consumers and assembled in business heaven.When you own an Aetas resellers agency you will have a license to be part of the most disruptive business in history! You will earn hundreds of thousands of Rand per month. The best part is that it is all recurring income. No more starting every month at zero. While you are earning every month you are also building equity. That is the difference between being rich and being wealthy.

You can own an Aetas resellers agency from as little as R 1760.00 p/m. Enquire now while there are still agencies available.

The difference between competitive and dominating

The main difference between competitive and dominating in business is that competitive is good for the client, while dominating is good for the business owner. As a future Aetas business owner you will be happy to read that Aetas is a dominating business. We have no competition and 50 million South Africans are waiting to get their money back. The field is wide open. Aetas is dominating the market with our concept of giving clients their money back, Rand for Rand.

Aetas Reseller Agency

You will receive the following when investing in an Aetas reseller agency:

50 million South Africans wanting their money back!

  1. Your own branded website
  2. Your own branded Mobile APP that will be available from Google play store
  3. Marketing material
  4. Affiliate marketing software
  5. A CRM system to track all transactions from your clients
  6. R100 000 airtime to use as a marketing tool to offer to new clients
  7. Full training
  8. The right to sell agencies of your brand as a business opportunity to re-sellers
  9. The ability to start making money in 5 days

Price: R75 000.00

Finance available from as little as R1760 p/m. No Deposit

Sell your Brand to Resellers as a Business Opportunity

  1. You may sell agencies of your brand to resellers as a business opportunity
  2. Aetas software will enable you to keep track of transactions across a multitude of websites
  3. Aetas will create branded websites and mobile APPS for your resellers
  4. Go national and have representation across SA
  5. Increase your income x 100
  6. Increase your brand recognition
  7. Think Big!


  Aetas will supply you with all the marketing material you need to promote and market your online business

  Aetas will give you training on how and where to
market your Online business

 Aetas will Help with the SEO(search
engine optimization)of your website.

  Aetas will assist you with your Facebook marketing and other marketing campaigns.

Aetas will supply you with all the marketing material you need to promote and market your online business